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But now, District Attorney Dan Hotsenpiller wants to charge her with careless driving resulting in death.

This was a terrible accident that took place on a snowy highway - not something a mother who just lost her only children should have to relive in the court system."The holder of this petition, Bernadette Bifano attested to the horrible driving conditions of that day, and her parents were there at the scene of the crash as witnesses to what happened. The petition has almost reached it's goal number in signatures, please be the ones to have that goal made.

Tämä voi siis käydä sinunkin lemmikille jos se kulkee itsenäisesti ulkona tai vaikkapa kotipihallasi ilman valvontaa.|Sign up to be against the new law here / kirjoita adressi lakia vastaan: no you don't have to be finnish to sign though the words are in finnish.

There was no criminal activity here - she does not deserve to be punished like this. https:// Ten-year-old Sarah Murnaghan has end-stage Cystic Fibrosis and has been on the lung transplant list for 18 months.She also could have hit me or my sister, the residents who live near the park, or the kids who were playing basketball just a few feet away.My sister, a retired NYPD cop, identified herself and told the officer it was under control.I pleaded with the officer to stop shooting, but she just kept yelling at us to stay away from our own dogs.When it was over, my sister and I weren't allowed to leave, even though we didn't know where Baby Girl was since she'd run away from the gunfire.

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