Internet dating scams from nigeria Cam home xx

After all, English is not my native language too, and as you see I make mistakes too. Just enter in quotes: "I the sociable girl", or "I the cheerful girl", or "I the nice girl", or any combination of those and here you go. I bet most of it will be either from Kazan, or Cheboksary, or Yoshkar-Ola, or... But sometimes they are not so stupid, and copy the profile descriptions from somebody else's profile, written in a good English.But to start each and every profile with the same cliche, and with the same grammar mistake is really dumb! But overall, while dealing with Russian scam, I come to the conclusion that scammers are not very smart people. If that happens, half of Mari El starts using and re-using it, like this one for example: "The main thing about me is probably that I am a purposeful person and always reach my goal and that I am always ready top work hard for it.I always have many friends in my house as I am able to listen to a person and to support him both in his hard times and the happiest moments.I dislike dull and monotonous life and want my life to be exciting and to have great moments of joy.Now, if I was raised in the US in the trailer park with a drive-by-shooting, yeah, probably all men around me would be the drug addicts.

There is also a small scam source in Kazan, but it's really small.

Don't ask me why they are putting this in their profiles!!! Or maybe they use some absolutely weird translator that translates the phrase like that?

Or maybe they have some "profile writer" in their "staff" who writes it? There is nothing wrong with making mistakes when it is not your native language.

At the same time I - very much the gentle person and pensive....

I like to surround me with beautiful things to make a cosiness, always bringing to the smith special in an atmosphere and everything, I make.

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