Interactive webcam sex games for iphone

Why can I download a Prince song about Little Nicky "masturbating to a magazine" from i Tunes, but not download an interactive story app that lets me do it myself?

While Apple doesnt explicitly say why it views apps differently than books or songs, one gets the feeling reading the Review Guidelines that it has something to do with their idea of keeping an eye out for the kids, as they put it.

Not to be crude, but I hear a lot of people are using it to take pictures of things that are not their faces.

Someone should let Apple know that Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars somehow snuck through this safety net.

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Why would an i Phone version of a game like Bye Bye Mosques be subject to review (and likely denial) by Apple -- while a book encouraging readers to blow up mosques would be theoretically allowed on their book store without review?And we think that you will also know it when you cross it."Dont play dumb, app knew you were crossing the line when you submitted that rejected app, didnt you? In fact, were not even going to tell you where that line might be, because youll know immediately when youve crossed it anyway.A10 Networks' latest IT-as-a-service component makes it easier for enterprises and service providers to consume app delivery services by reallocating capacity across cloud and traditional IT infrastructure.[In this opinion piece, Gamasutra editor Kyle Orland argues that Apple's newly-revealed App Store Review Guidelines document is full of inconsistent and vague restrictions that limit app developers rights to free expression.] Dont get me wrong, I understand why Apple doesnt just go the Android route and allow any app written by some yahoo with a developer account onto its i OS devices.

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