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CPA Client Tax Letter is a quarterly newsletter offering a lively, stimulating look at tax saving and planning tips and techniques.

The newsletter content is created by experts at the AICPA, and the target audience is clients of your firm.

For more information see the Ministry of Justice's Guidelines for client care information.

Family lawyers providing the Family Legal Advice Service will need to adapt their standard letters of engagement.

NOTE: the PDF version does not allow for your firm logo to be added.

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It is also necessary to give all existing clients, at the least, the Information for Clients form, together with the information as to fees and the persons responsible for the work.

Legal aid providers need to ensure the letter of engagement includes the information required by the Ministry of Justice.

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With an electronic format, there is no limit to the number of clients and prospects you can reach and there is no postage to pay!Should you have any questions or encounter any issues, please contact the AICPA Service Center at 888-777-7077 or [email protected] 20% when you log into this website with your AICPA member user account.Corporate clients must provide information with supporting documents on the nature of their business, ownership data, the jurisdiction of their operations, source of funding and the purpose of the account, said the bank's Hong Kong chief executive Diana Cesar."It's going to be a frustrating exercise," Cesar said.

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