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“Only because all the past roles I have done have been male characters; so being able to able to play a girl makes me feel good,” she laughed.As for Hannah, her favorite character to play has been Mrs.The sister production team of Hilly and Hannah Hindi (known as The Hillywood Show) have released their latest parody, taking aim at "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" with a dance-club-ready soundtrack.

Bella Swan has been Hilly’s favorite character to play so far.“We didn’t know anything about Twilight,” Hannah laughed. And then we got to the convention, and people were going crazy seeing us in our wardrobe.It’s just so crazy how fast everything has happened.” The highly anticipated Eclipse parody will be released in November.“That doesn’t mean November first though,” Hannah said with a laugh.“We’re really looking forward to Eclipse,” Hilly said.

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