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A girlfriend of mine said if her husband ignores her, she’ll put on make-up and pick out a nice outfit. They don’t judge how much money you have, but they do notice how you budget.

Now she’s back with a new book that shows women how to transform a casual relationship into a committed one — and the secret lies in ditching the nice girl act and getting tough.‘Bending over backwards does not bring you the love and attention you crave, but having your own life, your own goals and a backbone will,’ says Sherry.

‘Men secretly respect a woman who is strong, has confidence and has dreams of her own.

There’s nothing more attractive to a man than a woman who has dignity and pride in who she is. Ever wondered why, despite putting your best face and foot forward, and treating your dreamboat like a dream, he seems to go for someone smarter, sassier and sexier.

It is not something physical.’ We are constantly told amazing sex will win a man’s heart. Just because a man sleeps with you doesn’t mean he cares about you. And once a man categorises you as ‘sex only’, he won’t see anything beyond that. When a man sees revealing clothes he’ll think you have nothing else going for you.

That doesn’t mean the men won’t break their neck to look at a woman who is showing a lot of skin.

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