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There for more than spiritual peace and curiosity, I kept true to my mission and started scoping. Here were men at peace with themselves, constantly reflecting on their role in the world, humbly dressed in the traditional toga-style get-up.

As the singing started, it crossed my mind that maybe I needed to get out more. I couldn’t restrain myself from wondering what it would be like to sidle over to one of them and tuck myself into those folds, to nuzzle their shaved heads in the morning. So much so, in fact, that I decided to leave before the meal, worried I wouldn’t be able to form full, intelligible sentences to speak with them. But what if I wanted a man whom I wouldn’t have to share with a guru?

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Which led me to the complex ethical conundrum around vegan BDSM: If I am looking for a ‘non-violent’ person whose level of empathy and compassion overrides any carnivorous cravings, then why exactly would I be interested in a person whose overarching sexual need or even identity involves causing or receiving pain and humiliation?

Sitting at three separate tables, three separate men eating alone all gave me the same questioning look simultaneously: “Oh, you’re going so soon? At least now I know how to get a wide territory to myself next time I’m at a crowded café.

Experiment 3: The dating game While giggling over this 21-day challenge with girlfriends, somehow the idea of staging a real-life version of the beloved TV dating game show , where a woman sits behind a screen and chooses between three prospective dates based on their answers to various questions, was tossed around.

Taking this to its furthest extreme, I thought I’d explore Berlin’s vegan BDSM scene.

Yes, folks, because a pure vegan does not want to be tied up with leather straps or punished with horsehair whips.

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