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In 1991 Crosman Corporation acquired Benjamin and Sheridan.

In 1992 the manufacturing facility was moved to the East Bloomfield plant in Upstate New York.

its attached to a 2002 squier strat affinity crafted in . Fenderphil, I assume you were replying to David the guest, with an E9 serial.

have a strat body sheerwood green with serial numbers 220623 and its numberede 3 under the pickguard is a signature.

For models older than 1993, please refer to the chart below.

4-Digit Serial Numbers When the 410 was introduced in 1991 it was given a unique serial numbering.

I was very confused but applying the different numbering systems and knowing that the guitar had to be a 90s or newer model because of the componants and hardware used, I was able to logically narrow it down to 1995,2000,or 2005.

Those were the only dates that made any sense with the numbers contained in my serial because it was obviously not a 1955 or 1959 model.

Assuming it has Made in USA on it somewhere then it is an 89 US made.

If the first 3 or 4 digits of your serial number are 1294 or D94, then your gun was made in December of 1994.

The charts below will help you determine when your product was manufactured.

(1 = El Cajon, California, USA; 2 = Tecate, Baja California, Mexico) 1107064001 2nd & 7th digits indicate the two-digit year - '14 (2014) 1107064001 3rd & 4th digits indicate the two-digit month - 07 (July) 1107064001 5th & 6th digits indicate the day - 06 (the 6th) 1107064001 Last three numbers indicate the guitar's position in that day's production sequence.

9-Digit Serial Numbers From 1993 until the end of 1999, each Taylor guitar featured a nine-digit serial number that pinpoints when work began on that guitar, along with its series and production position.

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