Gretsch drums serial dating

Hayman drums didn't sound exactly warm but, for the mostly un-amplified drummers of the time, fitted the bill exactly. The original Haymans were only available in three brushed metallic finishes: Solid Silver, Gold Ingot and Midnight Blue, (Regal Red, Matt Black, Natural Pine and see-through Iceberg were introduced later) the first five of which were also used to cover refrigerators!When they were first introduced in August 1969, a five drum Showman set without stands would have cost £265.REBEATS BLOG SET UP In an effort to keep my news more current and timely, I have set up a blog and will probably start tweeting as well in the near future.Around 1954 the Golden Age of Gretsch guitars began.In 1967 Gretsch, was bought by Baldwin Pianos, which reorganized it as a subsidiary.

Anyway, the name was eventually shortened to the more identifiable Hayman.It was rather grandly called Vibrasonic but was simply a thickish, sprayed-on coat of ordinary white polyurethane paint (originally with an unfortunate tendency to craze).Its function was to harden the surface of the drum, allowing the sound to bounce around inside and give more `crack'.This was fitted with not one, but two ratchets and by judicious use of both you could actually have exceedingly limited horizontal height adjustment.A radial-toothed block was fixed to the tom which mated with a ratchet on the holder to maintain its playing angle, and very large capstan nuts locked tom to holder and holder to bass drum rail.

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