Who knew that South American teenagers could have such an affinity for an eldery Norwegian woman? The image shows Marit, a 79-year-old woman from a retirement home in Oslo (the capital of Norway).She is lighting her cigarette on somebody else's birthday cake.


itok=pz0R--bx" data-75src="https:// capture 492012 110335 PM.jpg? itok=qw1upc5K" data-100src="https:// capture 492012 110335 PM.jpg? itok=-86OUUO0" data-150src="https:// capture 492012 110335 PM.jpg? itok=zx P__g Pr" data-200src="https:// capture 492012 110335 PM.jpg?With this project I want to challenge the often false perception we have when describing these groups or individuals. In some way, I created something new out of something old. But, the most precious feedback has been from the elderly themselves, or their families.The elderly can also be rock 'n' roll, and I think people need to be reminded of that sometimes. It feels good to know that sons and daughters have framed their parents' portraits.itok=x MNHbrci" src="https:// capture 492012 110335 PM.jpg? The image is taken from an exhibition I had in Oslo, Norway in 2011.The exhibition showed 21 black and white portraits of elderly people living in a retirement home.

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