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Today, the National First World War Cemetery is the final resting place for some 40,000 French troops, including 22,000 unknown soldiers.

Lorette Spur is the largest of the French war cemeteries and a poignant reminder of the huge losses sustained by every sector of society during the Great War.

###RELATED_POINT### Know more about the site Lieu historique national du canada de la crÊte-de-vimy Canada's monument to her 11,285 soldiers reported lost on French soil during the Great War stands at the heart of a 107-hectare park overlooking the Pas-de-Calais coal basin.

Built at the place where, on 10 April 1917, Canadian troops fighting as part of the British Army captured Vimy Ridge, the memorial's white pylons and sculpted figures mark a defining event in the history of Canada.

-S Deformation allows the CAM user to deform any geometry, whether curves, meshes or faces, according to particular specifications.

This powerful Deformation module allows the CAM user to modify global and local component areas in a way that would be very costly using tra­di­tional modelling techniques.-S Deformation can be used in diverse applications such as sheet metal tooling and turbine blades.

A platform that will give shape and form to all kinds of promotions and brand communication in between and above the many international campaigns.

###RELATED_POINT### Know more about the site Parc mÉmorial australien de bullecourt On 11 April 1917 the British 5th Army stormed the village of Bullecourt, an important link in the German defence known as the Hindenburg Line.

A second offensive was launched on May 3rd but neither of these two operations achieved their objective and the five Australian divisions which took part in the fighting suffered heavy losses, close to 10,000 dead.

Today the tunnels of Wellington Quarry are open to the public and invite the visitor to discover the gripping story of the Battle of Arras.

###RELATED_POINT### Know more about the site Fort de seclin Designed by General Séré de Rivières to defend the Belgian border, Seclin Fort is one of nineteen fortifications which were built around the city of Lille after the defeat of 1871.

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