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-He's really a nice guy at heart, so being nice is a good thing. Shiro Hints: -Seeing as he seems to care a lot about his grades, maybe you can guess what his more important stat is? -When it comes to looks, he prefers sexy and mature. General: -In order to get a guy's bonus ending, you need to raise affection and buy a certain item.

-Shiro has a preference for Asian-inspired things including cute clothing. -If he's got any secrets on his computer, they're probably locked away, so don't bother. -If you know what matters most to him, then wish for something that will make him happy. Affection is an invisible stat that increases with spending time, buying items, and making the right choices when you speak with them.

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-A guy's profile will only unlock after you get his bonus end. -Items that increase your intelligence include: notebook, diary, encyclopedia, classic literature, cookbook, Movie Maniac, and Walk This Way.-It's nearly (not entirely, but nearly) impossible to get a good end without stat-boosting items, so look for what might be useful to you.Travis Hints: -Well, he IS the president of the computer games club, so it shouldn't be too hard to figure out which stat he values the most, right?-The grey sweater and the track pants will make Travis like you more.-For an extra Travis scene, buy the Demon of Edo game.

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