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They also force me to participate in daily scripture study, which I hate. I can't be myself or have any fun while I live at home because I'm afraid my parents will kick me out. I'm shy and socially nervous, so I don't have any friends who could help me out, and I can't see living with roommates who are strangers.If it's your freedom, move out, get a job, go to community college, and take your time getting that degree. You might meet a gay Mormon boy with parents like yours—shitty and mean—who could use a fake girlfriend until he graduates, and you could use a fake boyfriend until you move out of mom and dad's.If it's getting your degree before turning 30, knuckle under, spend a lot of late nights "studying in the library," and go to the student resource center on your campus and ask if there are any campus services/support groups for students with autism or Asperger's syndrome. You might meet some people who you could see yourself living with, as roommates and friends, and be able to get out of your parents' house sooner rather than later. With so many geosocial apps for guys, sometimes it can be hard to balance the real world with the demands of your online life.Here are a few ways to tell when you’re losing the battle.

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