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After an hour, the invitation, all chats and photos are erased.

It also has over 300 million users between its website and its app, which means a large dating pool, but also more scammers and fake accounts. Hinge matches you up with friends of friends based on your Facebook contacts. Users post an invitation to hang out and then choose from respondents whom they want to meet. Specify whether you’re using it for friends, a hook up or dating to make sure you find someone looking for the same. It requires users to sign up for its service through Facebook.“Because Tinder requires your real name and publicly shared photos,” says Travis Myers, a Toronto writer and Grindr user, “it doesn’t have the [same] level of anonymity as Grindr—an app that has become synonymous with a nameless-headless-torso asking for the dimensions of your penis.” Thanks to the app’s embedded locator tools and Facebook connection, it’s extremely common for people to see friends, coworkers and relatives on Tinder. When Jen Rose, a 31-year-old illustrator and Tinder user living in Toronto, sees people she knows on the app, she “hearts them” (she swipes right, in other words).“If I have their number, I’ll screenshot [their profile] and send it to them.” There’s no taboo, she says. It’s what we are.” Given the lack of anonymity, the sexual candour of male users is remarkable.Anthony Wiener isn’t the only man prone to sending so-called “dick pics.” Many of my close single, female friends use Tinder, and most have received unsolicited genitalia photos via text message from men they began talking to—sometimes minutes before—on Tinder.

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