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As part of his book tour, former Vice President Joe Biden sat down with Oprah , with the first clips of their interview together coming out today.

'I have a regret that I am not president,' Biden candidly told the talk show star. I think America's so incredibly well-positioned.' Heather Unruh said that after Spacey repeatedly stuck his hand down the pants of her 18-yera-old son the boy was eventually able to get away, when a woman walked over to him while the actor was in the bathroom and said: 'Run!

And her American Samoa-born companion, who she met a week before, had never sailed at all.

A bombshell report jolted the Senate race in Alabama yesterday as a woman accused GOP candidate Roy Moore of asking her out when she was only 14 years old and then kissed and touched her during two meetings at his house.

Dr Ann Mc Kee, who diagnosed Aaron Hernandez with CTE in September, presented her findings in detail on Thursday.Jennifer Appel, 48, and Tasha Fuiava, 27, (pictured together left) say they were lost at sea for months after setting sail from Honolulu, Hawaii, before being rescued on October 25.Their claims have come under scrutiny when it was revealed that the 'storm' they said damaged their ship had never happened, and they failed to use an emergency beacon which would have alerted rescuers to their exact position.The Boston University neuroscientist confirmed that the 27-year-old New England Patriots star (bottom in 2011) and convicted murderer had the worst case of CTE she had ever seen in someone so young.CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) is a football-linked disease that causes dementia and aggression in sufferers.

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    I’ll never forget the day I was walking to my car at work and spotted a tall, dark, and handsome guy walking towards me dressed in all black. As he got closer, I realized he was a former college classmate and coworker that I had known casually for years; Aaron. I was nervous and excited to bring Aaron over to meet my family. I’m a deceivingly outgoing introvert, but it was noticeable that I became withdrawn.