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Examples of anthropomorphic attributes include exhibiting human intelligence and facial expressions, the ability to speak, walking on two legs, and wearing clothing.Characters that morph between human and animal form are also considered by some to be part of the genre.But after I talked with some people who were into it, and they showed me artwork and things like that, I thought, ‘Oh, okay.I’m in.’” For many years, Groomes says, his fursona was contained to the online world.It can also serve as an escape from the reality of what they really look like, where the fursona's personality is more akin to how they act online than in real life.In recent years popular oekaki have distorted the meaning of 'fursona' on oekaki, as furry artists have attempted preaching the origin to young users, and trends have been formed by popular artists that have slowly become a norm or standard.Some would liken it to the man who roleplays only female characters or dresses as a bunny girl to his local furry convention.This documentary gives an inside perspective on the strange and interesting subculture known as the furry fandom.

Common items are piercings, star shapes, moon shapes, stripes, leg warmers, glowsticks and fishnet anythings.However, in 2014 he made the transition from online cat-man to real-life furry, having his own fur-suit constructed to meet the specs of his character.From there, he began attending meet-ups with MNFurs, as well as conventions and gatherings all over the world.On an unseasonably warm fall afternoon, more than 100 people dressed in full-body animal fur-suits have gathered at a public park in Plymouth for an afternoon of grilling, sports, and the occasional game of fetch.This is the fall picnic for MNFurs, Minnesota’s premier furry association.

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