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Cain and Harriet We have ongoing shenanigans for Cain and Harriet, which I am sure you can guess.

Moira is the love of Cain’s life but there comes a point where you can only have the door shut in your face so many times before, especially when you’re Cain, male pride dictates that you need to go and get laid.

In terms of story and character mix, broadly we have a really good range from people who can carry really serious stories and people who can carry silly, comedy stories – some of those characters are the same, for instance Paddy and Marlon.

They can do really silly but they can also break your heart and I think the stuff that Mark Charnock’s done in the Marlon/Carly storyline – and the stuff that’s coming up in it – is really heartbreaking. Laurel There’s a big story coming up for Charlotte Bellamy – it’s not a romance as I think that the viewers will have no appetite to see that right now at all and nor do I.

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