Flickr rss feed not updating wordpress

These are just some recommendations and are not necessary to run The Grid properly.

Get the RSS feed of videos that contain a particular tag<tag> [example] 3.

alt=rss&kind=photo&q=<search> [example]If you know the username of a Flickr user, you can find his or her ID using this online tool (the ID format is [email protected]). Then go here to get your unique feed URL that is useful for tracking changes to your Dropbox files and folders.

Instagram does not offer RSS feeds for individual users officially but there are third-party Instagram viewers that can add the missing RSS feeds. Insta Paper – Open the Instapaper website, scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see an orange RSS icon pointing to the feed of your Instapaper bookmarks.

To run the grid you must have at minium: PHP version 5.3.0 If you are using Visual Composer, then you must at least run Visual Composer v4.7.4.

In the grid panel, we also added in the system requirement box some recommendations about your php limits.

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