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A foreign person participates in the public health insurance program and obtains the same rights to receive care paid for by public health insurance as other insured persons, if they are either of the following: Foreign nationals without permanent residency in the Czech Republic and who are not employed in the Czech Republic cannot participate in the public health insurance program.In most such cases, these individuals will need to arrange for their own private health insurance.In the Czech Republic, healthcare services are basically paid for by one of the public health insurance companies.All individuals have to have insurance – it is mandatory that no qualifying individual can be denied coverage by a public health insurance company.This guide sets out essential information for British nationals residing in the Czech Republic, including advice on health, education, benefits, residence requirements and more.We are unable to provide any guidance on general lifestyle enquiries apart from the information and links listed below.See our information on what consulates can and cannot do for British nationals.

We get many requests for (permanent) Residence Permits or even Czech citizenship from people that have never been in Czech Republic, but please understand this is an impossible goal.

In the case of employment, the employer pays for health insurance at the rate of 13.5% of your income (of which one third is paid by the employee and two thirds by the employer).

In certain cases, the insurance premiums are paid for by the state (dependent children, pensioners, etc).

) Probably the biggest advantage of the Permanent Residence Permit is that the holder no longer needs to have a Work Permit.

The validity of the 'permanent' Residence Permit is 10 years, and can be extended every time by 10 years, between 90 and 30 days before date of expiration.

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