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If I was twenty years younger." My wife Victoria is at the wrong end of her fifties.In truth, she could pass for mid-forties and is considered a 'cougar' by...I spent my day getting ready - shaving all over, showering, and cleaning myself inside too.I gave myself a close shave and then moisturised fully. Read On Added: | Category: Crossdressing | Avg Score: 3.8 | Words: 3,098 | Tags: crossdressing bisexual first time oral sex | 2 Comments I managed to control my temper when the program director informed me that I would be making a personal appearance to function as an emcee for a Halloween bash.He was in the shower and the bathroom fan was running, so he stopped for a moment to listen. (Part One) I'm not one to conspire with the opinion that women are the weaker sex.Maybe one of the guys came in to use the toilet, he wondered. The power they have in their sexuality is greater than the strength of any man.My wife does not know, or, I suspect she might, but prefers to not acknowledge it.I started dressing about twenty years ago when our two daughters were off to college and we were empty nesters.

Steve wasn’t sure, but he thought he heard the bathroom door close. It was probably just one of the other guys getting something they’d left in the bathroom, he thought. Read On Added: | Category: Crossdressing | Avg Score: 4.57 | Words: 4,403 | Tags: outed sissy humiliation reluctance spanking | 4 Comments Just another day at the office.Our crossdressing (cross-dressing) stories feature tales of either gender (usually male) dressing up in the clothes of the opposite sex, for reasons of sexual gratification. She had taken my virginity and was the dominant one in the relationship.Crossdressers are akin to the transvestic fetishism, which is a sexual fetish for the clothing of the opposite gender. She had been fucking another guy, Scott, every other weekend for about two months, and I had finally asked if I could be there in...I lifted my face to his and parted my lips, inviting him to kiss me.Our tongues probed each other, our lips moist and eager.

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