Elluminate whiteboard not updating

Some students I speak to weekly, others less often, but at least once a month.Whenever students do not understand a concept, they can pick up the phone and call me for help.We can also use the web-based program Elluminate to work through problems together using a microphone instead of the telephone.

Being able to oversee his schooling is a major benefit of working as a virtual teacher.

You can edit all properties of a room with a start date that has not passed.

When a room is active you can edit its general and advanced properties, but you cannot edit its availability.

They can interact with each other in the discussion board area. Camron plays travel baseball for Gatorball Academy in Gainesville, an hour’s drive away. I pack up my computer, grab my list and cell phone, and out the door we go.

Before I know it, it is time for lunch, and I can step away from my computer to enjoy some quality time with my son: eat a sandwich, go for a walk, or play a video game. For the next few hours, I make good use of my cell phone, calling my students, answering their cries for help, letting parents know how wonderfully well their child is doing.

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