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And if he is arrested in the street, they might charge him with trying to get other people on the street to commit ‘debauchery’ as well.” All this means that the final prison sentence could really add up.Boost to police image “One of the things I think is happening is after the military coup, the el-Sissi regime felt it needed to show its moral credentials because it had overthrown an Islamist government,” said Long.

But, things began turning backward after the army led by general Abdel Fattah el-Sissi ousted Egypt's first freely elected civilian president Mohamed Morsi of the now-outlawed Muslim Brotherhood last year.

“We heard about it Sunday night around midnight,” said gay rights activist Scott Long, who lives in Cairo and blogged about the incident the following morning.

"What was most striking to me was that she [Iraqi] was absolutely unashamed about her collusion with security forces in brutalizing these men.

Targeting the gay community is an easy way for the government to do so, he said.

“Moreover, it’s a very easy way for the government to reestablish the credibility of the police, because the police were widely hated after the revolution for their complicity in human rights abuses,” Long said.

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