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The feelings Jane describes – her anxiety before a binge, the "numbness" during, and the shame and regret after – are characteristic of binge eating disorder (BED).BED is more common than anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, with an estimated 47 per cent of Australians suffering from this condition, according to Eating Disorders Victoria. If you do not believe me, write my name in Google Sazhalyavam, it may be nonsense, but if you love your mother sent this text to twenty WITHOUT MEN.

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That's because it only became a recognised condition in its own right when the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) was released in 2013.

That one slither would prove the catalyst for her next binge."My mind would go, 'Oh look, you broke out of the good eating, you might as well just go for broke and start again tomorrow'."Jane's binge eating continued for decades.

During that time she felt like she harboured two personas.

While eating, Jane was struck by a sense of lack of control, a need to just keep scoffing down as much as she could, as quickly as possible."I could barely taste anything, I'd be going so fast."READ MORE: * How to curb your cravings and stop overeating * Study links binge-drinking to binge-eating * Seven surprising reasons you're overeating During a binge, Jane felt numb, awash with a sense of calm. Immediately, Jane would try to placate herself by making a promise that, from now on, things would be different."No matter how many times I did it, I could still convince myself that this was the last time."She would then launch into days of restricted eating.

Eventually, she'd allow herself something "naughty", like a piece of cheese.

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