Droid x news feed not updating Chat cam random girls french

READ ALSO: p Some users reported on various forums that the Instagram videos work on Wi-Fi but won’t work on mobile data and vice versa.So, the first step is to restart your Wi-Fi router.Instagram has become an integral part of the ever-growing social networks family.Besides standard photos, you’re also able to share short GIF-like videos.Turn it off, wait a minute or so, and then turn it on.Additionally, you may want to update router firmware and change from 5 GHz band to 2.4 GHz.Have in mind that you’ll need to reestablish the settings again.Thanks to one of our readers, we obtained another workaround that just may be the one that resolves the problem.

The other feature is offline posting: you can now use and post your status updates/shares to Facebook even when you are offline (Airplane mode / no data etc.).

Let’s try and resolve this issue together and get those videos up and running.

The first step you should take is updating your Instagram app.

Once you’ve tweaked your router, let’s reset network settings on the phone.

That should fix common connection bugs and let you start from the scratch.

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