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Looking at the situation from my friends’ perspectives, I can understand why they give me this advice.I think they assume a disabled mate will be able to relate better to someone like me.A friend had called my office complaining he had been rejected as a client by a new matchmaking service in town.After I talked with him, I decided to try and sign up as a client, too.

My friends’ suggestions of dating your own kind also extend to whom they try to fix me up with.

Furthermore, how could she guess that two men with cerebral palsy would call her within an hour?

It was by sheer chance that I ended up having a debate about dating and disability with this woman.

Being advised to stick to your own kind is ironic coming from people who claim to be anti-racist.

None of my friends would ever tell a person of color to try dating their own kind, but for some reason that message is fine when it comes to disability.

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