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In no uncertain terms, Yahowah will tells us who He is, what He wants, and what He is willing to offer us in return for our affection.

These things known, please do not assume that this is a religious book. The God of the Torah, Prophets, and Psalms (errantly known as the “Old Testament”) is anti-religious.

I say that because with every prediction Yahowah teaches us something important, often profound.

You will discover why there is no past, present, or future tense in Hebrew.

You will learn that most Hebrew verbs feature a relational stem and are written in a volitional mood.

“Yada’ means “to know in a relational sense, to recognize, to acknowledge,” and to use what you learn “to understand.” Therefore, the stated goal of Yada Yah is to come to know Yahowah as He revealed Himself to us. Faith fills the void when evidence and reason are insufficient for understanding.

Since we have broached the topic, and since there is considerable confusion over this issue, recognize that “knowing” and “believing” are not the same thing. So let’s be clear: if you read this book, and if you are willing to dispense with your faith, you will come to know Yahowah. As a surprise to many, God actually proves His existence well beyond any reasonable doubt – using prophecy.

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