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You get the sense that, like many artists, he would have continued to revise it had he been free from the biological and economic limitations inherent in any creative project."I feel like that's one of the weaknesses of this record, to be perfectly honest," Miller admitted.

"I feel like it's a little bit uneven, and I drove myself crazy trying to put the tracklisting together and sequence it.""Still, I'm glad we took the time we did, and I think it's a better record for it," he adds.

"It was frustrating" Miller said, "because a song like 'Loyal For' is just basically a loop of delayed cellos and then a song like 'I Can Only Stare' coexists with a song like 'Throw Me Down the Stairs,' which 'Throw Me Down the Stairs' is borderline brutal in terms of heaviness and 'I Can Only Stare' has sort of a melancholy, glassy texture to it, and can those two songs live under the same roof together and get along? But, in talking to Miller, it becomes clear he had something else in mind, something tidier and more consistent.

And that's part of the reason the record took so long. Where Reign of Terror and Bitter Rivals strived toward concision and order, Jessica Rabbit allows for a certain wildness of spirit.

It is the sort of album, like The Avalanches' Since I Left You or Frank Ocean's Endless, which preserves the energy of inspiration, approximating a tangled rush of ideas and sensations, rather than forcing them into conventional shapes.

It's okay, but you don't want to wait any longer than that. I wanted to play shows again and I needed to just take even a month off from writing because I had not taken a month off and it was really unhealthy, turning me into a psychopath."The end result is, from moment to moment, the duo's most restive effort, executing frequent pivots in melody, timbre, and tempo.

The record’s opening seconds go as you would expect, launching with Miller’s sawtooth guitars.

is the first to be self-released via their own Torn Clean label (UK label Lucky Number Music hopped on board for a release on this side of the Atlantic).

While the pair claim they’ve always had creative control, counting the pennies shifted how they view their output.

They’ve been approached to write for big-name pop stars, and Miller recently had sessions with hip-hop giants Run the Jewels.

But such is their belief in Sleigh Bells, the pair tend to keep the best material for themselves.

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