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In general, Brazilians trace their origins from five sources: Europeans, Amerindians, Africans, Levantines, and East Asians.Brazil has conducted a periodical population census since 1872.The largest library in Latin America and the 7th largest in the world, its collections include about 9 million items.The history of the National Library began on 1 November 1755, when Lisbon suffered a violent earthquake.Scanned versions of the forms for each census distributed in Brazil since 1960 are available on-line from IPUMS International.As of the latest (2010) census, the Brazilian government estimates its population at 192.76 million.These photographs were left to the Library by Emperor Pedro II in 1891.

The new capital, Brasília, was inaugurated as the federal capital on 21 April 1960 after being purpose built at great cost of 2 trillion U.

Many librarians went on to study in European and North American universities.

still in force, upholding the same mandate but updating its provisions. 10,994 specifies that the legal deposit's aim is "to ensure the registration and custody of national intellectual production, to allow for the control, development and spreading of current Brazilian bibliography, and to defend and preserve national language and culture." Among the significant collections of the National Library of Brazil is the Teresa Cristina Maria photograph collection, which includes 21,742 photographs dating from the nineteenth century.

In the 17th century Rio de Janeiro became a far more practical export port than Salvador, and the colonial administration was moved in 1763.

In 1808 the Portuguese royal family and most of the aristocracy in the Portuguese capital Lisbon fled Portugal ahead of Napoleon's invasion.

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