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The happier and more balanced we are, the better we’re going to be for our child,” she says.

Which brings us to single dad Frank*, and his current status along the dating-parent trajectory.

After that, she went into the dating thing whole hog. If she was going to have a guy stay over, it would only be when her kids weren’t around.

When Fiona brought home her first date to meet her children, her kids just stared across the table at him, chewing their hamburgers in silence. But that was problematic, she says, “because sometimes my ex-husband would bring them back in the middle of the weekend because they’d forgotten something.

The 45-year-old massage therapist and acupuncturist from Hamilton, Ont., ended a seven-year marriage in 2007 when her daughter was three. But dating at this life stage can be full of challenges we’d never imagined in our pre-child courting days.

The online profile had been intriguing enough: Dark-eyed stranger, at least as tall as me, a smattering of common musical tastes (I would forgive him Metallica), some hint of wit, a suggestion of creative energy, a fondness for the canine set, his own hair.

My requirements were few and he seemed to fulfill them, so we met at a bar.

One such challenge is the guilt of dating, and the weight it brings to bear on our perception of our entitlement to a healthy relationship.

“A lot of times women will feel badly about going out and having their own life and leaving their child at home,” Desiree says.

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