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I was a typical nervous mom, which I think is understandable considering he is my first middle schooler. Oak Meadow has been a staple in our home since the third grade, and I that they do a beautiful job at preparing kids to move on to the next grade level.

The transition from sixth grade to seventh has been seamless.

He would have done it all in one sitting if I let him!

He did have a test this week which covered content from all the chapters before (10 in total) which he also completed quickly and easily.

If you are considering Oak Meadow (or, just totally love being a fly on the wall in a homeschool home) you should *love* this post. or we realize three weeks in that we have made a horrible mistake and that expensive, shiny program just a fit for us.

Every year, when we share our big nuts-and-bolts review of Oak Meadow, I always come back to show you what that curriculum looks like in practice. I’ve had Oak Meadow Seven in my home for a while now.

When he was younger, I had to be more of a cruise director, and needed to walk him through each lesson, but at this point, he does most of the work on his own and just shows me what he has completed, or comes to me with questions.

I was concerned that middle school would be a huge step up for him in terms of the expectations and workload.This week in math, Bug has been working on order of operations.He’s worked ahead of the Oak Meadow math program for years- not because the program is behind, but because he’s always been very talented with math.Bug did an experiment to see how various types of fossils were formed.He made some fossils by making imprints in Plaster of Paris, and some by creating molds out of clay, and then filling those with plaster.

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