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If you are on the hunt for true vintage (versus vintage inspired or reproduced), then you must ALWAYS check the tag. It is a good sign if the tag is old or worn but this is not always your most reliable clue.

NBA star Dwyane Wade married actress Gabrielle Union at sunset at the lavish Chateau Artisan estate, which contains a private lake and resembles a castle surrounded by a moat, in the Miami area on Saturday, E! They were surrounded by family and friends, including the athlete's elder two sons and nephew.

If for example you’re looking at a circle skirt, a metal zip will be a good sign that it’s an original 1950s skirt, while a plastic zip can be an indicator of a later item.

Invisible zips were invented in the 1950s but only really became ubiquitous much later, around the late 80s / early 90s.

If there is a size label this can also help: vintage sizing was smaller than modern, so if it’s marked a size 14 but is clearly tiny, chances are it’s got some age to it.

In 1971 the Federal Trade Commission released the “Care Labelling Rule” which required all manufacturers (including importers) of apparel to include garment care instructions on an interior tag.The care label tag is required to include one method of care to keep the garment in quality condition, such as “machine wash cold” or “dry clean only.” If the garment was made by a brand but is missing care instructions, you can confidently conclude the piece was produced before 1971. Having run these quick tests, you can now make an informed decision whether to go ahead and part with your cash. If you like it, don’t let that stop you from buying it – you’ll still look great! At the affordable vintage fair, we make this easy for you with bargains galore – who knows what rare and elderly items you might discover?Searching for vintage clothing is just as fun as wearing the retro finds.Now, if you are looking for something specific and lack the time to search awhile, Etsy is your best bet to find the vintage garment you seek.However, if it’s the hunt you are after, it’s time to thrift.

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