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SIMCOM believes this close duplication of the actual aircraft cockpit environment results in a more realistic and meaningful simulator training experience compared to training in a more generic simulation device.These last two decades have been a spectacular time for the events industry.From planning to execution, from concept to fully-realized design – there is nothing generic about our commitment to you.Be it for meetings, award shows, formal dinners, concerts, product launches, trade show booths, or outdoor fairs, Straus Events is a personalized service. He is beyond affable, intelligent, and resourceful. Why not do an email campaign or schedule a few strategic lunches?

We produce events because we want to help you make an impact. Come to think of it, in life – the best things usually are that clear and simple.

Here at Straus Events, we have been on the front lines to both witness and participate in some of some of the most breathtaking innovations in strategy, production and event design.

But with all the technological changes that are driving this industry forward – the one element that never changes is the profound significance of the human touch.

Shown below is a selection of instrument panel photos for many of the full-motion and visual-motion simulators currently in use at SIMCOM.

These photos detail the most recent avionics upgrades installed in the simulators.

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