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In response to charges that schools have poorly supported women who have complained of sexual assault, in 2011 Office for Civil Rights under the Obama administration used an interpretation of Title IX to issue "guidance" to universities.The so-called "Dear Colleague" letter advised academic institutions that they must make changes to how they handle sexual assault allegations, including lowering the standard of proof, setting time limits on a response to allegations, and limiting the accused's rights to cross-examine the complainant.of women have been victims of rape or attempted rape since starting college.Methodological differences, such as the method of survey administration, the definition of rape or sexual assault used, the wording of questions, and the time period studied contribute to these disparities.The OCR guidance also included the threat to withdraw federal funding to schools that do not comply.Research consistently shows that the majority of rape and other sexual assault survivors do not report their attacks to law enforcement.

Diane Follingstad, Director of the Center for Research on Violence Against Women at UK, said that volunteered data is not always representative.Reasons for not reporting include fear of reprisal, shame, uncertainty about whether a crime was committed, or a belief that an incident was not sufficiently serious enough to report.Although survivors of sexual violence suffer psychological consequences, they may reason that the costs of reporting—e.g., loss of privacy, humiliation, having to testify to police or at a college disciplinary hearing—outweigh any potential benefits.A survey conducted by Rutgers University found that 12% of men and women had experienced some form of sexual assault, while at the University of Michigan, 22% of female students said they had been assaulted in the last year.Rutgers researcher Sarah Mc Mahon explained why they used a broader definition: "We think the one-in-five statistic is important.

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