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Chapter 1Some people say that a person becomes a dentist because they enjoy giving pain. My dental assistant (required by law) is also my slave. For the length of time a person is in my chair, they are at my mercy. Sometimes I have a little fun bringing some macho asshole to a sobbing mess.I told her I would get her a prepaid cell phone to use to call Jennifer shortly before they were ready to leave for the retreat.

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I said "Ahhh, good, Jennifer, I want to see how your teeth turned out since it's been ten years since your braces. Since she hadn't really seen the gag I told her it was just my new tool for keeping the patient's mouth open for exams and dental work. I looked inside her inviting mouth at her perfect teeth, praising her and my work. She began to struggle as I took each of her slender ankles and secured them in another pair of leather cuffs at the foot of the chair.No one would ever know where the mysterious call came from.Victoria would tell the people at the retreat about the call and no one would be looking for the pretty little Asian for five long weeks.When I saw her eyes close I rested my hands on her wrists while still talking. I then hit a button and the chair lay back and the foot came up converting completely to a doctor's exam table. I hit one more button and the bottom of the table began to split.Slight pressure caused the leather cuffs from the armrests to surround her wrists. Spreading her legs wider and wider till, though laying on her back, she appeared to be doing a cheerleader's split.

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