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Anonymous asked: How would me, an INTJ, work with an INFP?I don't know if he likes me but I sure as hell cant figure him out. The gist of it is that you’ll work well together and balance each other out, or you won’t work at all. Pick what you feel represents you most closely, and if they’re both about even then INx J is a fine descriptor.

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However, going to parties and other massive social occasions depletes me completely.

Be careful not to overextend yourself, start small by touching up on small-talk topics and attempting to make some minor conversation with classmates/family/coworkers. If your lack of social interaction bothers your mom, but you think you’ll be fine, go ahead and do as you please.

We’ve never really been the kind to follow the crowd anyway.

Anonymous asked: I'm an INTJ whos never really enjoyed dating or any romantic relationship.

It's never been my thing, and Im so reclusive I dont think anyone would tolerate dating me anyway.

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