Dating postcard photographs

Basically the postcard formats dates the images to the 1900s-30s, although a few types continue into the late 20th century.The basic dates of the early 20th century result from several factors: 1)the popularity of commercial post cards because of improvements in printing, 2) postal regulations and inexpensive sta,p rates, and 3) advances in amateur photography.It was posted to the USA in March 1903 and has two d King Edward VII stamps.

Significantly the publisher information is on the picture side, as initially such information was not allowed on the address side of the card Another early card showing the Abbey from the South West.The distinctive wording and form of this message suggests it was published by the pioneer postcard publishers Blum & Degan Ltd, and the number suggests it may have been published by early 1901. Have secured a cottage in every way most satisfactory at Wheathampstead. Many of the cards recorded the postal rate in the "stamp box".They have quite turned round & are delighted with it. This example came from an unused early card published by "Stengel & Co., London E. 39 Redcross Street printed at Works, Dresden," number 19381.Here the format of the box can help to focus in on the chronology.The mere fact that photographic prints were done with post card backs for mailing hekps to date the images.

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