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Recently, Chanel West Coast gave an interview to Too Fab and talked about how difficult it can be to make moves in the hip hop industry.She explained: It’s hard being a woman in the hip-hop game, but I’m lucky to have good people around me who have had my back.It’s actually less about race and more about being a woman …I think hip-hop doesn’t give women as much of a chance as it gives guys.While many find it hard to believe teens that young actually date, others are used to the idea.On Thursday, Siwa took to her You Tube channel to talk about the mystery man she’s allegedly dating.

When Roloff asked Marek about their first six months together, his reply that he would just take the future months as they come left Roloff a little uneasy. #secondact #memorialdayweekend2017🇺🇸 #taketimeformoments #imthankful #godisgood #familyandfriends #grandmatimetoo.I’m so very thankful for the sacrifice commitment and service of so many men women and families past and present that gave so much. Because of them I could enjoy one of the best memorial weekends w/ family and friends and just being together after getting better from an injury that happened last weekend. On one of the photos from a Wednesday gathering, Roloff wrote: I’m so happy happy that y’all were able to come and wanted to. Again, I love to cook and share a meal w/ great special friends that mean so much to me. Amongst cooking, creating recipes, TV, speaking, writing, other projects and just everyday life stuff- Had an awesome fun weekend on the beach sharing food, having great conversations, a 3 mile walk on the beach, playing games, having fun with awesome wonderful great friends.It was a nostalgia kind of soup night – Tomato Soup and a couple of varieties of Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. These are the moments that excite me and reminds me how thankful and blessed I am. @bethanystable I'm happy and we're still doing great.So looking forward to more adventures we have planned together.

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