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5D discs, by comparison, store information within their interior using tiny physical structures known as "nanogratings." Much like those bumpy lines in the CDs, these change how light is reflected, but instead of doing so in just two "dimensions," the reflected light encodes five — hence the name.The changes to the light can be read to obtain pieces of information about the nanograting's orientation, the strength of the light it refracts, and its location in space on the x, y, and z axes.At least storing data in glass discs that can outlive the Earth sounds almost normal by comparison.

These are just two "dimensions" of information — on or off — but from them, CDs can store anything: music, books, images, videos, or software.It reached the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart in the US, where it remained for 7 weeks, and #2 on the Alternative Songs chart. Years later, Taylor elaborated on the origins of the song, saying that he watched so much European music television because he was suffering from food poisoning as a result of eating at a Swedish Mc Donald's restaurant and was unable to move and change the channel from MTV Europe.The song also peaked at #39 on the Billboard Hot 100 after crossing over to pop radio. The single's cover features the band's hometown of Des Moines, Iowa. I was sitting in a European hotel room watching a music video channel, seeing act after act after act of this insane, innocuous, plastic music. The video begins with Corey Taylor singing the intro while sitting in a chair."We can encode anything," Aabid Patel, a postgraduate student involved in the research tells The Verge."We’re not limited to anything — just give us the file and we can print it [onto a disc]." In order to demonstrate the format's virtues, the team from the University of Southampton have created copies of the King James Bible, Isaac Newton's Opticks (the foundational text of the study of light and lenses), and the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was presented to the UN earlier this month.

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