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, Necesitamos editar el Archivo\n'/etc/hosts', tomese su tiempo\n\n LEA cada pantalla y conteste adecuadamente." # Seleccionar el tipo de accion a tomar while true; do choice="$(zenity --width=400 --height=300 --list --column "" --title="Bloqueador de Páginas Web" \ "Bloquear Páginas Web" \ "Salir ")" case "$" in "Bloquear Páginas Web" ) while true; do choice2="$(zenity --width=400 --height=300 --list --column "" --title="Bloqueador de Páginas Web" \ "Bloquear Páginas Predeterminadas" \ "Bloquear Páginas Individuales" \ "Regresar")" case "$" in "Bloquear Páginas Predeterminadas" ) zenity --warning --title="Bloqueador de Páginas Web" --text=" Las siguientes páginas se bloquearon por su contenido el cual va desde pornografía hasta malware (virus, gusanos, etc)." zenity --info --title="Bloqueador de Páginas Web" --text=" Ahora se Añadirán unas 16.300 Páginas para bloquear en el archivo 'hosts'.If you were to update one add-on via the repository it would only be fair to include all the others and that could get complicated .If you want to install any of the tens of thousands of Firefox add-ons then you take the responsibility and risks and if there is an issue you take it up with the people who manage and maintain the Firefox/Mozilla add-on site.= "0" ] && exit # Bienvenida al programa incluye breve explicacion zenity --info --title="Bloqueador de Páginas Web" --text="Bloqueador de Páginas Web : [email protected] le ayudare a bloquear páginas indeseadas con unas sencillas preguntas." # Copia el Archivo "HOSTS" que contiene las páginas Bloqueadas zenity --info --title="Bloqueador de Páginas Web" --text="Comenzemos!

I use Easy List Easy Privacy and Liste-FR (see later on).It and the PAC filter will prevent your user Firefox data area (~/.mozilla) from being contaminated with those nasty toolbars that track you. But the fact that your browser configurations are the most likely thing to be infected is why I provide a script to backup your user browser configuration data area (~/.mozilla): Browser It also has provisions for Opera. But once you have fail safe backups some place, once the browser infection hits you, you just do (in some sort of terminal): 1. But installing 7-zip is what YOU SHOULD be using apt-get for.Those and other Java Script extensions are about the only "infection" you get on most desktop Linux installs. Make a backup of your bookmarks (unless contaminated) 2. apt-get was made primarily for making system wide changes.You do NOT have to take the default of Fan Boy-Ad Block Fan Boy-Tracker (NZ is major contributor).You can for example take the older Easy List Easy Privacy (Germany) and add your optional language pack.

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