Dating lionel trains

Not every kid who wanted a Lionel train in the ’50s had one.But today, everyone who was a kid in the ’50s who still wants one has 10.

American Flyer Trains by Lionel These trains are not O Scale trains and will not run on O Scale fastrack system- There is a seperate American Flyer Fastrack for S-Gauge With a tradition dating back nearly 100 years, American Flyer is the historic leader in S-Gauge model trains.

Fans can register online to participate in the auction.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Bridge School in California.

I collect O gauge Marx and American Flyer, and Lionel to a lesser extent.

So I’ve looked at thousands upon thousands of Ebay listings so I can tell you what works in Ebay train listings and what doesn’t, what to expect to get, and where to look for information to enhance your listings and hopefully wring out another dollar or two from your efforts. Modern era trains are from 1970 to the present day.

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