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, 22 August 1895ODD TALKS WITH OLD TIMERS.[1861]While in Victoria news reached us of the murder of French Joe, Lowen and another man near Capt. The three men were reputed to have had about ,000 between them. The unfortunate men had just crossed the bridge and were taking a drink from the stream when three shots were fired at then each of which proved fatal. Various rumors were afloat at the time regarding the missing man. , 2 September 1865FATAL ACCIDENT ON WILLIAMS CREEK. We regret to state that an accident happened in one of the hill claims above the canon on Williams creek, this afternoon, by which one man was killed and a second severely injured.I cannot help associating the murderers with the three fellows who caused us so much uneasiness and rejoicing in the fact that they did not get off with their booty. About twelve months since a most profound sensation was created here by the sudden and mysterious disappearance of S. Some attributed his disappearance to his having committed suicide in the woods, but many others held that he had levanted to escape from his creditors, and was subsequently seen on his way to Kootenay, Boise, &c. The men were engaged in undermining a bank of clay for the purpose of ground slucing when it suddenly fell, burying both beneath. Lelier)l the letter [produced is addressed to me and reads as follows: (Translated by Captain Trevalliot,)MY DEAR FRANK, - I see that my murder .... William Wright, milkman, was the first witness examined; he deposed as follows : - On Monday evening last, about 5 o'clock, I was on my way home from Richfield; I proceeded from the blacksmith's shop straight up the hill; when I came near the edge of the woods I took my bearings by the sun for my camp, which is at the head of Stouts gulch; I did not go more than half or three quarters of a mile when I saw a dead man lying on the ground; I found the flesh had all gone; the body was lying in a position seemingly of repose at full length; I saw a piece of paper, partly concealed under the right arm, and a small phial at the right knee; I lifted the paper and found it was a letter written in French, but the word "poison" was written on it in English; I thought it then too late in the evening to return to town so I went home; next morning I came to town and reported the discovery of the remains to the magistrate, Mr. François Lelier sworn, and examined through an interpreter. Woods, Police Constable, were produced in Court and identified by Mr.There was a great commotion raised at the time - the whole county was up in arms against them. Active search was instituted in the woods for many days after the unfortunate man left home, but no trace of him could be found. One man was extricated alive, but when the second was taken out the vital spark had fled.Mclean and his boys gave hot chase to one of the party who in his endeavor to escape jumped into the Thompsons and drowned. By mere accident the whole mystery has come to light and speculation set at rest for ever. Pin's remains will be gathered best from the evidence given at the INQUEST. The deceased was a fine young man only 24 years of age; he was a German by birth and named Louis Rock.., 23 September 1865FATAL ACCIDENT .Another of the suspected murderers was traced to Walla Walla where he was arrested for a similar crime, but he succeeded in breaking jail. - We regret to have to record a fatal accident which befell a young man named Charles Mc Isaacs, on Munro's ???He was subsequently arrested at Bill Sutton's saloon in Yale and was ultimately hanged. road, between Van Winkle and Williams creek, yesterday. "I attended the inquest, which was held at Soda creek on the eighth [November].

Are just on me **************Margin cut on right, words missing. 1864.(The action of the weather had obliterated the portion of the writing which we have marked with asterisks).Nicole Henniger, '10 Pre-K teacher at Little Green Tree House, Chicago, Alison Hidden, '10 Ph. student in Counseling Psychology, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, Tracy Herring, '10 Ph. Student in Neuroscience, University of Illinois - Chicago, Elisa Hilderbrand, '10 Ph. Student in Experimental Psychology, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS, John Hutson, '10 Street Outreach Counselor, Center for Youth Services, Rochester Americorps, Rochester, NY, Rebeccah Lanni, '10 Counselor at the Austin Children's Shelter, Austin, TX, Zach Lazar, '10 School Psychologist, Peoria Public School Distict #150, Peoria, IL, Miranda Machula, '10 Medical student, Stritch School of Medicine, Loyola University, Chicago, John Fox Mast, '10 Legal Assistant, Kirkland & Ellis LLP, Chicago, Cassie Milleville, '10 Clinical therapist working with high-risk youth and their families, Chicago, Kate Moon, '10 Owner, Portland Sex Therapy, Portland, OR, Alana Ogilvie, '10 Mobile Phone Specialist at Best Buy Mobile, De Kalb, IL, Aimee Pepple, '10 Americorps Volunteer, Pittsburgh, PA, Mary Purrazzo, '10 Ph D student in Social Psychology, University of California at Santa Cruz, Christy Reuter Starr '10 Independent Contractor/Research Assistant, Better Health for Busytown Community Health research project, Portland, OR, Ian Schurr, '10 Ph. student in Biomedical Sciences at the Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, GA, Jessi Shields, '10 Americorps Volunteer working with homeless youth, Denver, CO, Alex Vassen, '10 Finished a master's degree in Special Education (Early Intervention), University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, Angela Zinn, '10 Teacher, Herzl School of Excellence, Chicago, Martha Baumgarten, '11 Sales Associate at Gap, Inc., Brookline, MA, Rebecca Chelton, '11 File Manager at OPUS Capital Markets Consultants, LLC, Lincolnshire, IL, John Christiansen, '11 Pre-School Teacher, Hilltop Christian School, Utah, Caitlin Collins, '11 Officer Candidate School, United States Navy, Robert Dempster, '11 Database Services Coordinator, University of Missouri - Kansas City (UMKC), Kansas City, MO, David Fundakowski, '11 Account Manager, Otis Elevator Company, San Francisco Bay Area, Gabriel Hernandez-Paz, '11 Virtual reality Researcher and Graduate Student, Copenhagen, Denmark, Lynda Joy Gerry, '11 Second Grade Teacher, Stefanie Gordon, '11 Account Sales Operations Analyst at Service Source International, Denver, Colorado, Dan Hintz, '11 STS Clinical Site Manager, Carson Valley Children's Aid, Philadelphia, PA, Hye Sun Jeong, '11 Junior copywriter at DDB, San Francisco, CA, Katie Johnston, '11 Standards Associate at the Council on Accreditation, New York City, Isabelle Leventhal, '11 Program officer for the Entsendeprogramm at German Youth For Understanding, Hamburg, Germany, Lisa Marquardt, '11 Copywriter/Content Developer at Information Technology Partners, Chicago, Nicole Mc Cabe, '11 Ph. student in School Psychology, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, Tanya Novotnak, '11 Master's student and research assistant in Experimental Psychology, Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL, Dugan O'Connor, '11 Special Education teacher in Chicago, Kelley O'Connor, '11 Branch Services Sales Manager at KONE, San Francisco Bay Area, Gabe Hernandez-Paz, '11 Ph. Student, Neuroscience and Animal Behavior, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, Katy Renfro, '11 Physician, Mt.Sinai & Nicklaus Miami Children's Hospitals, South Beach, FL, Dr.The only cause assigned for the deed was that Lee would not shake hands with him on the trail. The jury said they were satisfied and brought in the following VERDICT:"That Sermet Pin came to his death on or about 14 Oct., 1864, at Richfield, by poison administered by his own hands while he was in a state of temporary insanity produced by pecuniary embarrassments."OBSERVATIONS.The Indian was brought to Yale to await his trial, by Constable Brown. We would remark that the estate of Pin & Co., having been placed under judicious management is nearly wound up, and will pay one hundred cents upon the dollar.

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