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Forward only forwards incoming messages to the selected email address.

Copies aren’t saved in your Sky Yahoo Mail account.

Then enter the filter information as described above.

Please note: If you create more than one filter, pay attention to the order you create them.

When contacts reply to an email, the interaction is called a "thread" and these are gathered together in a collapsible group.

You can also right-click an email in your inbox and select Filter emails like this…

You can also click the Star button when you hover over an email in your inbox to add it to the Starred conversation folder.

To create your own folder for a specific email address or search result, select the Pin icon and a folder will automatically be created.

So, if you are seeking love and deep levels of compatibility, then this is the matchmaking site for you.

Millions of singles have found each other through e Harmony and you can too.

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