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Even though he did not personally create the new designs his direction of the engineering team, headed by Mark Wentling, resulted in some legendary amps.

The result included the Super Champ, featuring a 10" speaker and new circuitry, including spring reverb, master volume, a switchable extra gain stage for a 'lead' effect, and a mid boost switch.

The Champ had the lowest power output and the simplest circuit for all of the Fender tube amps.

The Champ had only one power tube,and the power stage circuit is, typically, single-ended and class A.

The little 1 x 12" single ended Champ 12 is one of the absolute favorite Fenders ever. The Original amp mod is world famous with great tone and high performance.

Check out the much-requested Jack and Pot kits and the super cool adjustable bias mod.

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When the volume knob is pulled, some signal from the 12AT7 reverb driver is re-routed, resulting in higher gain.

It had the same colour scheme, power supply, output stage and stock speaker as the Super Champ but the preamp and phase inverter consisted of two 12AX7 tubes.

In 2007, Fender resurrected the Super Champ name with the Super Champ XD, part of their "Vintage Modified" series. Although for a limited period of time a special edition Blonde version was produced, Fender’s Consumer Relations Department states that the blonde special edition Super Champ XD with oxblood grill was a FSR (factory special run) that was limited to only 1,000 produced.

A small number of the last 5F1 style cabinets were covered with the "Blackface" amp cosmetics around this transition, as the factory most likely ran out of the tweed cloth covering. Fender brought back the blackface cosmetics for a short time in 1981 before discontinuing the Champ the following year. Cosmetically similar to the original Champion 600, internally it features a modified blackface Champ circuit (with the settings of the tone stack being hard-wired rather than adjustable via Treble and Bass controls, and a couple of additional resistors reducing input-stage gain) and a switch to solid-state rectification from the original 5Y3 tube.

The current look is the TV-front with two-tone tolex and speaker grille cloth of imitation suede.

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