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In recent years, search market share has remained mostly unchanged – for much of the world, it’s Google followed by every other search engine (in the U. the “Big 5” search engines consist of Google, Bing, Yahoo, and AOL, which combine for hundreds of billions of searches every month).Meanwhile, many of the players have consolidated or have become footnotes in history.From reviews of all hires and selling key properties such as Alibaba to putting their own search technology back on the forefront; Yahoo has maintained its position as one of the top three search engines, despite not producing their own organic results. Baidu In China, Baidu is the major player with more than three of every four searches conducted on their engine.To say Baidu blends organic with paid search is misleading, they use a hybrid approach wherein they have pay for performance (P4P) results (users bid to have their websites place at the top of what would appear to be the organic results).Once upon a time Yahoo was a major leader in the search field but has been in decline, making bad decision after bad decision, announcing layoff round after layoff round and making what can only be described as one of the worst business decisions in history when they turned down a takeover from Microsoft valued at /share.Yahoo shares dove after that and have never been anywhere close since.

That lasted until 1998 at which time the site lay dormant until purchased in 2002 at which time it became a general web directory. They will decline your listing if they don’t like the site.The majority of Google’s revenue is derived from their Ad Words and Ad Sense programs.In fact, advertising accounts for more than 95 percent of Google’s earnings.Add to that the deal between Microsoft and Yahoo for Bing to power Yahoo’s organic results and Bing powers over 25 percent of search.With the Microsoft/Yahoo alliance also came the affect that Yahoo’s paid search platform would be used to power both Yahoo and Bing’s paid results.

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