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Yet these fuels remain the main sources of cooking energy available for most Ugandans, providing about 93 per cent of the country's total cooking energy needs.In Kasanje, central Uganda, communities are now recycling bio-waste into fuel briquettes, helping to address the deforestation problem and environmental degradation in general, while also improving their resilience to the impacts of climate change.Unsustainable methods of wetland agriculture were a problem, and neighbouring communities generally had a negative attitude towards conserving the ecosystem, making the problems worse.But when these communities were trained as tourist guides, allowing them to earn from the booming tourism activities, these former enemies of the wetland started to protect it.This leaves small-scale farmers increasingly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, and causes increasing rates of environmental degradation.Mimicking nature by increasing diversity on the farm, such as having various plants including tree species, creepers/vines, roots and tubers, and so on on the same plot, is a simple but effective method that farmers in Wakiso and some other parts of the country use.In Uganda, where the 11th Conference on Community-based Adaptation (CBA11) will be held from 26-29 June 2017, the population is greatly exposed to the impacts of climate change.Most people depend on rain-fed agriculture, which is greatly affected by increasing variation in weather conditions due to climate change.

The field visits will highlight community efforts around these key determinants of community resilience in rural populations in Uganda.The craftsmanship involved in making this cloth is steeped in ancient culture and tradition dating back to the 13th century and it has played significant cultural, financial, social and environmental roles.Bark cloth has been proclaimed "a masterpiece of the world's intangible heritage" and recognised as a unique indigenous textile production craft by UNESCO.The Nature Palace Foundation, through the Naturesmart programme is reviving this ancient craftsmanship as one way to promote community-based adaptation.These are some of the simple actions that can have a big impact in promoting community-based adaptation.

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