Dating and marriage in bolivia

Some communities believe in co-habitation and starting a family before the marriage ceremony, whereas others follow the more Catholic tradition of marriage being the first step.

At such events as marriages, baptisms or funerals, offering a lot of food is very important.

Although family and kinship practices varied among the disparate ethnic groups, both Hispanic and Indian traditions placed great stress upon bonds of responsibility among kins.

No other institution endured as the family had, and none commanded greater loyalty.

The ties of solidarity among kin were expressed in an active and highly ceremonial pattern of social life.

The nuclear family spent much of its time making formal calls upon relatives and receiving such calls in return.

Bolivian people are generally quite suspicious, so there are other ‘supernatural’ ideas that exist too.

Although the Indian couple typically began living together slightly before the betrothal, the actual ceremonies could extend over several years.

When they were finally completed, the couple had received the wherewithal to function as an autonomous household.

Take a look at the following section in order to not be too surprised by what you may see or hear.

Bolivia Table of Contents A stable family life and widely extended bonds of kinship provided the most effective source of personal security.

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