Dating a roommate

Turns out, things can go from mind-blowingly sexy to "I am calling my movers right this moment" pretty quickly. I hooked up with a roommate for around six months—we also lived with his brother and his brother's fiancée, who were my best friends. It took me around eight months to finally break the cycle and just start looking for another place.

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Do you think they’ll appreciate the two of you adjusting to dating life?

It’s inevitable, and it will make it harder for you to get some space and adjust to your new romantic relationship.

Not to get too parental here, but how realistic is it that the relationship will last more than a few weeks?

I woke up in the morning in his bed, gathered all my clothes and ran into my own room.

We were so awkward together for the remainder of the year, you could always feel sexual tension between us.

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