Dating a flight medic

The pilot spots the target and swoops in for a landing.

Summary of essential job functions: -Participation in shift crew briefings -Accurate and timely completion of company time sheet -Accurate and timely completion of company controlled substance log -Maintain proficiency and currency in conjunction with company training programs -Perform pre and post-flight aircraft inspections to insure cleanliness and operability of medical and safety equipment according to NYSDOH regulations and MFC SOP -Perform patient care according to company “Standards of Care” and NYSDOH guidelines.

Most National Guard flight medics are paramedics in their civilian life, so they have more extensive training as well as daily contact with trauma victims.

Even civilian paramedics, however, need additional training to handle military war casualties.

After over a decade of urgent calls for upgraded training of Army flight medics, it has begun.

This article provides some details of what is involved.

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