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So this episode is really about Lucas getting up the nerve to ask Riley (Rowan Blanchard) out on a date, and it is Riley dealing with her first foray into a real adult situation like dating. And he wanted this girl and he wanted her pretty much since day one. Neither of you are parents, but has working on the show taught you anything about parenting? I can’t speak for Danielle, but this is our 20th episode at this point, and I feel like we have become this mini-family. There were little bumps in the road, and I think he’s very happy, sitting at home, playing board games in pajamas, ordering in food and going to bed early. He likes thing settled and perfect and tied up in a nice little bow. There was a period where we lost touch because the show was off the air for 13 years, but I think she’s an extremely strong and confident woman and really has a strong sense of what she believes in — what’s right and what’s wrong.

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I think a good way of summing up our different styles of parenting — so that we’re talking specifically about this episode, it’s a first date episode SAVAGE: Cory and Topanga or Ben and Danielle? SAVAGE: [] FISHEL: Topanga is very much of the mind-set of “I trust my child because I’ve raised them well.” And so I feel more comfortable letting them possibly make a mistake when I know the outcome when they make that mistake is going to be “I recognize it’s a mistake and I’ve learned from it.” So Topanga is more ready and willing to let her child into the world and trust that there may be mistakes that were made, but she will always come back to what’s right.

"So I had to make sure his schedule would allow for prom." The actress, who is now engaged to Tim Belusko, dated the boy bander, now 33, from 1999 to 2000.

The singer came out as gay in 2006 and is now dating model Michael Turchin.

And I think, luckily, the Topanga character is a perfect example of that.

So I try to, in my personal life, the way I would want the girls to behave and be represented is how I’m trying to represent myself as well.

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