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Girlieman of the Week Date: October 24, 2015 Girlieman: Joe Biden Antics: Let himself be intimidated. One such item opines that Joe was 'persuaded' to ditch his POTUS hopes by 'chats' with, or signals from, the Billary Clinton hit squad.Joe Biden's burning desire to be POTUS has been blazing for a very long time, long before his son's untimely demise. They applied the relevant pressure and Biden surrendered his last bite at the POTUS apple, rather than let Billary's character assassins run wild on him.The wedding night met, or exceeded, his expectations, but his world came crashing down, the next morning. Bowen Loftin Antics: Epic Hypersensitivity Our cringing cretin, University of Missouri-Columbia Chancellor R.Bowen Loftin, jumped into the fray, deeming it a dire threat to the safety of his Ivory Tower.At no time during the sequence of events did Ryan really support Trump. When things got bumpy, he showed his true colors: gutless and girlie. "I was against Trump before it was expedient to be for him, but now I'm against him again." Paul Ryan, a man devoid of a single core conviction a sniveling guttersnipe.It's not all bad he did earn PIGish infamy as our Girlieman of the week.Our hero had his dick shrivel up and his balls fall off while watching a TV drama. Actress Zhao Wei's intense stare was too much for him to handle.When he stopped cowering in a closet, so he filed a lawsuit.

Unwilling to tolerate Perv's shit, 200 inmates at Hillsboro High School [Missouri] to protest Perv's peep show shit. For being a sick, disgusting little fuck, Perv is our Girlieman of the Week.Parent 1 and/or 2 probably don't like their neighbor.They spotted the Stars and Bars, then used it to get the lad stirred up.Fleeing the AK-47 packing Jihadikaze who was shooting at passengers, they barricaded themselves in a staff lounge, leaving passengers to fend for themselves. UK] I'd tell Abdul to 'man up', but I doubt that he has the nads for it.Denials by the relevant officials seem half-hearted, at best. Probably not, but those who lived down to 'Surrender Monkey' sully all the rest. Girlieman of the Week Date: August 08, 2015 Girlieman: Abdul al Myopia Antics: Taking Weasel Off The Scale On his wedding day, Abdul [not his real name] was very pleased with his bride who looked very beautiful. You don't deserve a penny for being a weasel, Abdul, but the news isn't all bad. Girlieman of the Week Date: July 25, 2015 Girlieman: R.

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